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How Your Organization Will Benefit

Math is the underlying language of business. Regardless of their job responsibilities, employees cannot possibly perform at their full potential if they have trouble with math. Better math skills lead to higher quality work, better decisions, fewer mistakes, less wasted time, and more competent employees. Increased math literacy increases your bottom line.

Depending on the size of your company, tens or hundreds or thousands of math problems arise on a daily basis. Plant managers and plant controllers have to compute or estimate yields and operating efficiencies. Division employees calculate variable contribution per revenue. Marketing personnel must be able to do volume/rate problems. Managers must develop annual budgets and revise them throughout the year. Employees across the company should be comfortable with hurdle rates and internal rates of return. When these computations are done by employees with some degree of math anxiety, the result is wasted time and/or costly errors. Preventing these errors does not require learning advanced calculus. The math for these metrics involves percents and arithmetic for the most part. After taking our workshop, employees will do this basic math with greater confidence and accuracy.

Whenever one of your employees can’t do the math and has to find someone who can, productivity suffers. When an administrative assistant can’t proofread the numerical part of a document because numbers make him or her uncomfortable, the potential for errors increases. And every time someone on your sales team has to joke to a potential customer that “I’m not a math person so I’ll have to get back to you later with the numbers” — instead of doing the math on the spot — the prospect’s confidence in the salesperson is somewhat diminished and that reflects negatively on your organization. More serious math errors can cost your company tens of thousands of dollars or increase its exposure to lawsuits.

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