Note to Parents Testimonials


“Mark makes it fun to learn. I’ve never met anyone who loves math so much.” 

- University of Chicago Lab School freshman

“My daughter is a very good student but has always dreaded math. As a senior she took AP Calculus (AB). One week she would get an A, the next an F, never feeling like she was ‘getting it.’ Her confidence plummeted and she feared math even more. She began working with Mark Ryan in mid-fall and her understanding grew by the week. He was patient and understood her anxiety. She was thrilled to earn a B+ both semesters. We only wish we had discovered Mark earlier in her high school career!” 

- New Trier parent

“Studying calculus with Mark has been a pleasure. He helped me to score a 4 on the BC calculus AP exam which allowed me to place out of a year of college calculus. For anyone who needs help with calculus, I would definitely recommend Mark Ryan.”  

- New Trier graduate who then attended the University of Pennsylvania

“Mark helped two of my daughters prepare for SAT tests. I was impressed with his thoroughness and with his dedication to his work. After a couple of months of intensive tutoring, my 12th grader scored 710 on the SAT II, Math IIC test, (she is now a freshman at the University of Chicago), and my 9th-grader scored 650 on the Math portion of the SAT I and was accepted at the Illinois Math and Science Academy in Aurora.”

- Mother of Fenwick graduate and IMSA sophomore

“For anyone taking Calculus or planning to take the AP Calculus exam, I recommend Mark Ryan.”

- New Trier graduate who then attended the University of California at Berkeley

“After Mark Ryan’s instruction, my son scored 750 on the SAT II, Math IIC test.”

 - Father of University of Chicago Lab School graduate

“Mark Ryan helped our son prepare for the SAT. Mark recognized our son’s math ability and understood the psychological difficulty he was having with the test. By working with him on his test-taking confidence, in addition to the math content of the test, Mark helped him increase his math score from 580 to 680.”

- Mother of Francis Parker graduate

“Our daughter was struggling with math; her PSAT predicted an SAT math score in the 400’s. After Mark Ryan’s instruction, she scored 620. She now attends a competitive college in the East, and says math is her favorite subject.”

 - Mother of Francis Parker graduate

“Our son would not have gotten through advanced algebra/trigonometry without Mark Ryan. Mark is an expert coach and a skillful motivator. He helped our son develop new positive attitudes about academic achievement. Although our son was initially reluctant to accept help, in the end he gained greater self-respect. In addition, Mark’s work in preparation for the SAT was more effective than either of us believed possible. Our son is highly verbal, but the value of preparation was clearly demonstrated by his math score ending up 110 points higher than his verbal score. His 680 math score has made it possible for him to apply to much better schools than his mediocre GPA would have otherwise allowed.”

- Parents of Oak Park and River Forest High School senior

“Our son was struggling with Algebra II during his freshman year. After working with Mark, he received the highest grade in his class on the final exam. Mark also helped him score 670 on the SAT II, Math IIC test”

- Mother of Latin School of Chicago sophomore

“With Mark Ryan’s help, my daughter scored 1400 on the SAT and 31 on the ACT.”

 - Mother of University of Chicago Lab School graduate

“My son has always excelled in verbal skills, but he had no confidence in his math abilities. Consequently, there was a significant point difference in his PSAT math and verbal scores (10th grade PSAT: math 57, verbal 67; 11th grade PSAT: math 58, verbal 71). With Mark’s tutoring, my son developed an understanding and appreciation for math. Mark was able to convey to my son his passion for the subject. As a result, my son’s SAT math score was 670, almost on a par with his 690 verbal score.”

- Mother of Latin School of Chicago senior

“Our son improved his SAT math score from 590 to 700 when he took it the second time. If it wasn’t for Mark Ryan, I don’t think this would have occurred. Mark was also very helpful in helping our son when he had some problems with algebra.”

- Father of recent Latin School of Chicago graduate

“Mark Ryan worked with both of our daughters. His knowledge and patience helped them develop confidence in their math ability. They have learned to persevere until they understand the material.”

- Mother of student at the University of Chicago Lab School and student in the International Baccalaureate Program at Lincoln Park High School

“Our daughter is a track star; many colleges recruited her, but she had been unable to satisfy the NCAA’s ACT score requirement. After Mark’s help, her ACT score improved 33 percentile points, and she became a much more confident student. She now attends Miami of Ohio on a four-year scholarship. She is doing well and seems to have a completely new attitude about school. I can’t say enough about how Mark Ryan’s tutoring helped our daughter.”

 - Father of Oak Park and River Forest High School graduate

“Our daughter was a decent math student who struggled with confidence and different teaching styles year to year. Mark has made a significant difference in how she approaches math. He has taught her strategies that are sometimes different from those in her classroom, but with an approach to problem solving that is more natural for her. Her fundamental skills have been enhanced, she is more confident in the classroom, she participates more, and she enjoys math!”

- Parent of New Trier senior

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