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Note to Parents             November 2019

I’ve always loved math and I love to teach. My excitement for solving math problems is the same today as it was when I was in high school, and this natural enthusiasm I have for the subject is one reason students enjoy my classes and tutoring sessions. I also have an ability to explain complex mathematical ideas in simple, straightforward language. My courses bring math down to earth. Students say things to me like, “you make these topics so easy to understand.” Most important, I’m able to convince students that they have more ability for math than they had previously believed. Over time, there’s a natural improvement in the student’s grades and self-confidence.

I’m a graduate of Benet Academy High School in Lisle, Illinois (where I twice scored a perfect 800 on the math portion of the SAT), Brown University (B.A. in philosophy with honors), and the University of Wisconsin Law School. It took four years of practicing law for me to realize that I should do something I enjoy and use my natural gift for mathematics. Since 1989, I’ve been teaching and tutoring all levels of junior high and high school math (through BC calculus), and I’ve helped over 600 students prepare for the ACT, PSAT, and SAT (as well as the GMAT and GRE). Parents of my students would be happy to talk with you about the effectiveness of my teaching method. 

If you have any questions about The Math Center’s programs, please call or text me at (847) 401-MATH. 

Thank you.

Mark Ryan

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