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Math Literacy in the Workplace

Math illiteracy or anxiety or phobia is rampant in this country including in Corporate America. There are legions of highly intelligent, highly successful people who feel that they are out of their element whenever faced with mathematics. Despite the high quality of the work force at your organization, it’s a statistical certainty that many of your employees find math — even basic math — difficult and frustrating. Taking our workshop will reduce this frustration, and less frustrated employees are better employees.

Our in-house workshop will be tailored to the needs of your organization. It will cover the relevant math topics that your employees need for the quantitative matters that arise in their jobs — the specific topics will depend on the job responsibilities of the particular group of workshop participants. The focus will be on increasing employees’ confidence in doing basic math rather than on esoteric business math formulas, and the goal will be to give employees practical skills that will directly improve their job performance and increase your bottom line.

Our gifted presenter, Mark Ryan, is currently teaching a successful online course for Barnes and Noble University based on his book Everyday Math for Everyday Life. This four-week course covers dozens of practical math topics — from the simple (percents, decimals, fractions, working with numbers in the millions, billions, and trillions, estimation, mental math) to the not-so-simple (formulas for effective annual interest rate and future value of periodic payments). The course is aimed at adults whose math is rusty and who lack confidence in math. Our Math Literacy workshop draws from this curriculum and from Everyday Math for Everyday Life, but it will be customized for your company.  

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